houses and furnishings

Atrium, Shrine, Peristyle dining room, rented rooms and apartments, kitchen, separated oven and bakery area. Vestibule. Shops along the street area. In Rome a basilica meant a "royal house". The Romans were using their basilicas as gathering places for merchants and as halls of justice. The Christians liked to worship in these basilicas after Constantine. They had flat roofs and long-wide halls. These halls were separated into isles by rows of pillars. The middle aisle was called the nave.

Two kinds of containers of liquids (or bottles) were common in ancient times - bottles of skin or earthenware. The latter were easily broken. Flax is used for the wick of a lamp or taper, which was usually made of flax. Summer house shaded with verdure, and containing the divan, inviting to luxurious repose. Flower gardens, spice plantations, orchards, kitchen gardens. The garden generally surrounded by a high wall of mud or stone, or hedges or fences. The room was small but bright, and a pitcher stood on a slight wooden table next to the narrow bed. There were three watercolors unframed, on the walls. Glass: only one country in the world knew the secret of its making, Egypt.. Her sleeping chamber, a large room with a silver and ivory bed on a dais, was warmed by braziers that gave off "sweet scent as well as warmth.. many candles.. dressing table with its silver mirror, its flasks and pots of rose, crystal, jade and alabaster.. It was built mostly of stone, plastered on the inside to a cool white finish. Two of the rooms bore murals in red and blue paint. In the rich Roman house the vomitorium became an essential chamber: the place where the guzzler of rich food emptied his stomach, so that he might come back to the feast for more.
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