Music in general and musical instruments of Hebrews. The musician who put his tales to music for the instruction of populace and kings. A woman plays on a nine-stringed lyre, typical of the Canaanites, who, during Biblical times, were celebrated for their superiority of their musicianship. David added to his nation's culture by importing skilled Phoenician musicians. David was skilled at playing the musical instruments of his day, including the lyre and the harp.

Nothing but soul can put soul into music, and the soul is God's work. The shofar, or ceremonial ram's horn was used since Joshua's time to announce important events. The flute, a soft, sweet-toned wind instrument of music. The wood flute is only used in Daniel 3, and is supposed to be a pipe with two reeds, such as still found in the east and blown at the end. The harp (Heb kinnor) the most ancient and common stringed instrument of the Jews, more properly translated lyre. It was light and portable, and was used on joyful occasions, whether sacred or not.

The Jews had other stringed instruments, like the guitar and lute.. A small seven-stringed lyre made of fir wood trimmed with antique bronze and strung with twisted sheep's gut, which now hung slack across the sounding board.. hear him tune his lyre.. She was captivated by the concept of a man expressing the religious longings of all men in song, and she responded to his music as if he had composed it for her alone.. As for the songs, she was still gratified to hear in them a definition of Yahweh that included both austerity and lyric joy.. As he plucked the seven-stringed lyre, bringing from it sounds like the wind and the movement of lambs across the fields in spring.

Plato's teaching about music.. that rhythm and melody, accompanied by dance, are the barbarous expression of the soul. Barbarous, not animal. Music is the medium of the human soul in its most ecstatic condition of wonder and terror. Music, or poetry, which is what music becomes as reason emerges, always involves a delicate balance between passion and reason, and even in its highest and most developed forms - religious, warlike and erotic - that balance is always tipped, if ever so slightly, toward the passionate.

It was not until the controversial Viet Nam war that country music began taking a warlike stance to the right of the nation in general. Rock was addressed to the problems of teenagers, to sexual suggestion, and are increasingly critical of middle class American beliefs and behavior. Cleaver - It was Chubby Checker's mission, bearing the Twist as good news, to teach the whites, whom history had taught to forget how to shake their asses again. It is a skill they surely must once have possessed but which they abandoned for puritanical dreams of escaping the corruption of the flesh, by leaving the terrors of the body to the blacks.

The folk songs as a cry for justice embodies the struggle songs of the people. They are outbursts of bitterness, of hatred for the oppressor, of determination to endure hardships together and to fight for a better life. The black freedom movement in the southern states in the 60's revived singing in social movements. Presley, Jagger, Dylan, the Beatles, sang with the 60's as the decade of social protest. "We shall overcome." This, then is a protest. Protest with a sound. A sound with a semantic thrust which demands to be heard, will not be silenced, and should not be overlooked.

"Why should the devil have all of the good tunes?" John Wesley stated when asked about his incorporation of barroom tunes in church services. For Wesley, music was the most potent weapon in the arsenal of methods used for religious conversion. The use of hymns based on popular tunes was pioneered by the revivalist Methodists.
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