Qumram was an Essene community near the Dead Sea. The "monks" of Qumram, often identified with the Essenes, were an unusual Jewish community who lived in buildings and caves. The members dedicated themselves by oath to perfect observance of every detail of the Torah. They formed a commune, sharing all their personal property and making decisions by vote concerning matters that affected them all. The "Wicked Priest" who appears in the Habakkuk Commentary as the persecutor of the Teacher of Righteousness (of the one who teaches righteously) has been considered to be the High Priest Annas who condemned the Teacher of Rightousness (Jesus).

The scrolls describe in detail the horrible fate suffered by the Wicked Priest for having persecuted the Righteous Teacher. This interpretation, presenting the Teacher as the one persecuted in combination with the Qumram text that describes those who were hung alive", points to the conclusion that the Teacher of Righteousness was crucified. Some scholars have theorized that John the Baptist either was an Essene or was under Essene influence. Many cisterns were found at the ruins at Qumram, and since they had steps for easy ascent and descent, they must have been used for baptisteries. The Qumram community has left a scroll which expresses the bitterest hatred of all that is not Jewish and outlines plans for vengeance. They were extremists, these, to whom even the Pharisees seemed lax. Qumram fell to the Romans in the Jewish revolt about AD 68-70 and was abandoned.
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