The Talmud

The Talmud is the oral tradition of the Jews. The Jew believes that the Law falls under two divisions - The Written Law, and the Oral, or that 'upon the lip', of which the latter, or 'tradition', is equally authoritative with the former, or even more so. The Talmud proper consists of the Mishna and the Gemara. The Oral Law remained absolutely unwritten at least down to the time of the later Tanaim (about 30-80), who indeed, thought it wrong to commit it to writing. The older legends and rules is supposed to have been drawn up by Hanania Ben Hiskia in the time of our Lord. Two Judaisms had been created, one in Palestine, the other in Diaspora.

How could the Jews be kept from assimilation and absorption into the sea of alien people about them. The Jews met this challenge with the creation of al religious-legal code - the Talmud - which served as a unifying force and a spiritual rallying point, almost invisibly ruling the Jews. Though the Jews in the main did resist the Greek philosophies, they mastered the Greek philosophers. The Jews absorbed everything intellectual which the Greeks had to offer. Greeks emerged in a Jewish made mantle, Christianity; the Jews wore a Greek philosophic tunic labeled "Talmudism." From about 200 BC - 200 AD through the Mishna, the first amendments to the Torah began to appear. This was the beginnings of Oral Law.

The name Talmud was not applied to this growing body of knowledge until the 6th century AD. From the Hebrew, lamad, he has learned, doctrine. Entirely different in the time of our Savior from what they had been originally. The Mosaic books contained rules no longer adapted to the situation of the nation; and its new political relations, connected with the change that had taken place in the religious views of the people, led to many difficult questions for which no satisfactory solution could be found in their law. The Rabbis undertook to supply this defect, partly by commentaries on the Mosaic precepts and partly by the composition of new rules, which were looked upon as almost equally binding with the former. These comments were called the oral tradition.
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