The Veil

The Veil was worn by women over the face. The veil is always a sign of subjection; it is worn by an inferior in the presence of a superior; now women is inferior to man, in the sense that man is head of the household; therefore it is wrong for a man to appear at public worship veiled and it is there they must keep their proper places in the scheme of things. We must remember the place of the veil in the East.

To this day the Eastern women wear the yashmak which is a long veil leaving the forehead and the eyes open by reaching down almost to the feet. In Paul's time the Eastern veil was even more concealing. It came right over the head with only an opening for the eyes and reached down to the feet. A respectable eastern woman would never of dreamed of appearing without it, if she does, she is in danger of being misjudged.

In Oriental lands the veil is the power and honor and dignity of the woman. With the veil on her head she can go anywhere in security and profound respect. He says that, when the Jews listen to the reading of the OT, as they do every Sabbath day in the synagogue, there is a veil upon their eyes which keeps them from seeing the real and true meaning of it. That of the lower class of Israelitish women is unknown, but the veil was regarded from ancient times by women of character as indispensable. Various kinds of veils: flowing down from the head over the temples, hence waving with the action of walking; that of one covering breast, throat and chin such as still worn in Syria and Egypt.
[296, BD]

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