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January 31, 2001

Playing with Fire

Tammy Gelis

While standing out on my deck tonight I heard the father speak to me the following and felt was message for his body in general. I kept seeing vision of fire in the sky. It was burning very bright. I kept hearing the Lord say:

I am coming in balls of fire. My fire is about to be poured out like it never has been before. It has even yet begun to burn. But my people are not taking it seriously. They look at it and say 'wow, His fire has come.' They come near it, enjoy the warmth from it and the nearness of My presence they feel near it. But they continue to come and play with the fire. They continue to come near My presence and not allow My fire to do what I have desired for it to do in their lives. They have not allowed it to cleanse and purify them. They continue to enjoy the fringe benefits from the fire and even handle it with their hands as if it will never burn them, with an attitude that 'it cannot burn me. I am in control here. I can handle His fire.'

But yeah I say to you this day that no longer will you be able to play with the fire unless you are willing to die in it. I will purify I will clean My church. I will purify My bride.

There are those that even see the fire a distance off and turn the other way and pretend it is not there. Or see something else move in front of it and say, 'Oh good, I dont have to deal with things right now.'

But I say to you that though the clouds may hide the fire at times, it is there. It will still consume it will still do the work I have commanded it to do. Open yourself to My fire. Let it do that which I desire it to do. It will not harm you if you give in to it. Let it mold you and melt you. Let it make you pure and holy before Me. Allow it to draw you closer to Me, rather than live in fear of it. Stop playing with it and take seriously My presence, My fire. Let it do in you what I mean for it to do. Make an altar before Me and let the fire consume all that is not of Me. Humble yourselves before Me and I will raise you up. Humble yourselves and you will not be burned by the fire but changed yet from glory to glory. Embrace the fire.

In Christ

Over the Bridge

Jay Atkinson

I saw that I was being ruled by an unknown captor. There were a few others with me and we were taken to a large underground garage under construction at the side of a highway. As I looked from the street, I noticed roots coming through the ceiling from the ground above and over the structure were fields in the harvest season.

When the building was near completion, I was taken in where there were others. I noticed the foundation and walls were completed but there was still some work to do. It was dark and I was confused at what these things were but I knew that I had friends there. One of these friends, a man of color whom I did not know but knew that he could be trusted, led me out of the building into the sunlight and to a bridge over the highway. We both looked over the bridge as he showed me the activity below. We then each produced a book at the same time and showed them to each other. I had in my hand a copy of the Feast of Tabernacles and the other man had in his hand a church hymnal. I humbled myself before him but didn't really need to because he was also humbling himself before me. I realized that we were in one accord and we were to walk away together as free.

I knew that this confirmed much of my thinking as to unity but some direction had been misplaced as to how diversified the remnant church is. I had knowledge of the five-fold ministry and of end-time prophetic understandings and cutting edge teaching but this man did not, nor at this point did he need to know. What he had was praise and worship and love for his brother. I understood that the Lord wanted us to reach out to each other. We walked away shoulder to shoulder to the other side of the bridge.


The Mantle of Jesus

Teresa Daly-Crews

There have been many people lately who have become increasingly confused about the five-fold ministry. Indeed there is a diverse working in each of these positions, as we know it today. As we transition into the manifestations of the sons of God there will also be a change in the perception and manifestation of the five-fold ministry. This does not diminish the callings upon any individual's lives but instead increases it.

When Jesus walked the earth He operated in the five-fold ministry, complete all in one body. He was the most perfect example of how we should operate today. As we grow to be more like Christ, we will slowly be transformed into His image and operate in all the anointing that He did. The five-fold ministry will be embodied complete in individuals who have surrendered completely to the hand of God and have been purified and tried in the fire. They will have primary anointings and calls upon their lives but at the times the Father desires they shall operate in diverse anointings and will do the "greater works" promised by Jesus. They by mans standards they may not fit the part of mans perfection or be polished and refined on the outside. They may have been tainted in mans eyes by past sins or not have the credentials of man. But these individuals will have been formed by the Masters hand and tried and made as translucent gold. These will be the nameless-faceless ones, those who will take no glory for themselves. They will shine as the firmament and glorify the Lord!

This misconception of the five-fold ministry is why there is confusion. As we see it today there is a definite separation of callings. We have placed labels upon everyone and everything and have confined the Holy Spirit to a limit. As individuals grow in Christ they feel like they are one thing and hold a "title" given by man but yet operate in other anointings as well. They think they are one thing then the Spirit inside them yearns and groans knowing there is more. As we stop labeling and placing names and titles upon our ministries and anointings the Lord will begin to grow and manifest himself in greater capacities. Whether you are now a prophet, pastor. Apostle, Teacher, Evangelist, or Pastor as you become more like Christ the more the separation will diminish. And as we come into the unity of the faith the mantle of Christ will arise upon us, in ONE HEART and ONE MIND. It is the will of Father for us to be in unity of heart and mind, as this occurs the scripture will be fulfilled.

(Eph 4:11-13)And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:

We will not come into the unity of faith and knowledge of the Son of God, the perfect man until we stop causing separation of the mantle of Christ. There still is a season where these callings and anointings will operate separate but soon as we grow in Christ and become of ONE MIND and ONE HEART we will beat together as the BODY of CHRIST carrying the full five-fold ministry. This will be a flowing together done by the Spirit of the Lord not by the hand of man. Lets press on unto the perfect man and the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ!

In HIS Service,
Teresa Daly-Crews

The Question

Dave Howe

Why do so many people change when they come into a position in the church.

Why do so many seek to rule and lord it over others using the scriptures to do it - Saying I am above you - I know what I am doing - I hear God better than you - I will tell you if you are hearing God or not.

Why does the church use the worlds management ways.

Why do large ministries try to crush the little people - Acting as like the high priests of old.

If Jesus walked in to their meetings they would say that he needed deliverance - That he needed to obey them - Needed to be covered by them or be cast out.

Brother they would say to him - You need to go on this teaching course on how to do this - That and the other - Submit to us or else.

For they would sell him for 30 pieces of silver - Sell their birth right for a pot of soup.

Why is position so important - Why do the shepherds beat the sheep with rods of iron - Cut the sheep down with the sword - Making the sheep bow down before them.

Why does everyone think they are right in their own eyes.

Where has the love gone - Why is there no love - Why is there no preferring of each other.

Why so much infighting in the name of the Lord - Why so much tearing down instead of building up.

Why so much betrayal.


This has come from a heart that is in so much pain.

Dave Howe
Wellspring prophetic ministries england.

The Lord's Progressive Work

Jim Rinker

Ephesians 4:11-16 "And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some pastors; and some, teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: till we all come to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the fullness of Christ: that henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; but speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: from whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love".

We can see in this passage of scripture the Lord doing a progressive work. In this progression we find the Lord's order or maybe better put His ways in which He raises up the body first from immaturity to maturity and then from maturity to a glorious building that reflects or mimics the Capstone which is Jesus Christ Himself. It is becoming essential in this hour that we begin to not only recognize the Lord's acts or works but press further forward to understand how the Lord works and recognize the Lord's handiwork or ways. It is in seeing and understanding the Lord's ways that we come to maturity. We need to mimic Moses "the children knew thy acts, yeah Moses His way".

As we study this passage in Ephesians 4 it is evident that the "end result" of the Lord's work is to raise up a bride or "New Jerusalem" that is a direct reflection of Christ Himself, having the identical nature, character, and attributes as the Head of the building or Capstone.

Perhaps the word for the hour is "perspective" and the need of the hour is to gain "proper" perspective. Perspective is not only the ability to "hear and see" aspects of the Lord's work but going further it is the ability to recognize how many different aspects of His work relate and/or inter relate with one another and how those combined aspects of His work form a mural of sorts or a "coat with many colors" that woven together form the overall picture or finished structure.

If we do not have proper perspective we will be unbalanced and unstable, not being able to receive the fulness of all the necessary aspects of the Lord's work (our inheritance) necessary for that finished building to become a reality.

Perspective also has the element of focus attached to it. In a picture or painting there is always a focal point were the viewer is suppose to be attracted to then the rest of the painting is to accent or enhance that focal point. Bad paintings have some aspect in them which draws your eyes from the focal point and throws the picture out of balance. Bad paintings may also have some aspect to them which causes the continuity of the picture to be thrown off by being over exaggerated, distracting the viewer from the focal point and leading to a "confused" painting.

Perspective and maturity, are complimentary terms. Maturity is the ability to put all things into proper perspective and see how they relate to the overall plan which is that focal point which is Christ and the bride or New Jerusalem. Immaturity, then, is the inability to yet discern good from evil and not as yet being able to see the Lord's handiwork in all things, not being able to relate those many aspects of His work to one another, and place then into proper perspective that would maintain and enhance the focal point.

Now as we look closer at Ephesians 4 we can see a necessary and vital progression that the Lord uses to first get the body to the place of maturity were we become "hewed" living stones. The Lord can then take those living stones from the wilderness (place of the Lord's dealings and testing) and fit them together properly at the site of construction to raise up the bride or building.

There are "temporal" aspects of the Lord's work and there are "eternal" aspects of His work. The temporal aspects of His work are those things needed to get us to maturity were we can then receive the eternal aspects of His work. One cannot occur without the other which make both interdependent but the former ceases once it's purpose has been fulfilled. There are aspects of His work in our life right now that are necessary and vital that will be useless to us later in our walk with Him. That does not make those aspects of His plan worthless, only obsolete.

So we see in Ephesians 4 that the Lord is raising up a five fold ministry for the sole purpose that we will, as a body, grow to maturity. Again, maturity being the ability to discern good from evil, being able to put all things in proper perspective to maintain the focal point that we may receive the eternal aspects of His plan. This aspect of His progressive work (five fold ministry) is "temporal". The five fold ministry, being vital, necessary, and today not even raised up to it's full glory, is intended only to bring the body to maturity. Once we are all on that "plateau", were we are able to be in the unity of the faith, that place were the Lord can then fit us together and form the glorious bride, the need for that aspect of His work will cease. The apostolic anointing will then reside on all of God's children.

To give an example of this concept of temporal and eternal, there is a dam being built right now in China on the Yang zee river that once completed will be the largest hydra electric plant in the world (by far). In order to build this dam, the second largest dam in the world needs to be built in order to divert the river away from the construction site of the permanent dam. Once this dam is completed the former dam, which once served a necessary and vital role in the overall plan, will then be removed.

Anyone who was not aware of the overall plans of the builders could easily mistake the former dam as being the permanent structure because of it's size and great effort in constructing. They could also easily mistake this as the permanent dam because of it's similarity to the permanent structure being constructed. While the former dam only served to hold and divert water (anointing) the latter dam will have turbines that harness the water (anointing) to generate power from it. So the dams, although similar, serve two distinct and separate functions. The turbines cannot be seen for they are hidden inside the wall of the dam and only upon close inspection could this difference be detected. Again, it a matter of perspective, seeing things as a "snapshot" verses seeing them as an overall picture while maintaining focus on the overall goal. Those who know the overall plan are able to put each aspect of the construction into proper perspective.

The raising up of the five fold ministry is an immense project that seems from a temporal perspective to be the permanent structure. It is necessary and vital but is only temporal. It is a "stepping stone" to take us to maturity were the eternal aspects of the Lord's plan can occur. It has elements of the finished product woven into it but is missing key aspects which "eye has not seen" as of yet that will be able to harness the anointing to serve His purposes.

If we fail to recognize this, the five fold ministry and it's specific ministry attributes and objectives will eventually become a stumbling block that will hinder us in receiving His eternal purposes and fulfilling His overall plan. The reason for this is that the five fold ministry, as that former dam in China, will be so glorious, that it will be unthinkable that it is neither permanent nor will need to be torn down. The Lord is speaking these things to us now so the transition period later will be easier, even though the former structure is not fully completed.

I'm Removing Whole Branches

Tony Stevens

I saw the edge of a large circular power saw blade. It took a bit of time for me to realize that what I saw was a hand held circular saw and that someone was holding it. The saw was running.

Once I realized what the saw was I was able to see from a distance that the man holding the saw was standing in front of a tree. He was wearing goggles, and he looked back at me and smiled before turning toward the tree and applying the saw to the base of a large branch on the tree. When he started cutting this rather large branch a voice said, "I'm cutting whole branches off the tree".

I then saw the tree standing, whole, healthy. I could see the places on the trunk where branches had been cut away. Many large branches were gone by reason of the cutting.

The branches that were cut off were next seen as they were being pulverized in a saw mill. They were reduced to chips of wood, mixed with a glue like substance, and pressed into sheets of paper. They came out of an assembly line one sheet at a time.

A man stood at the assembly line and picked up the sheets of paper one by one and began writing on them. On some he wrote "Judgement", then he bent over and handed the sheets forward to areas on his right and his left. The man always bent over and down to hand out those sheets. I believe the sheets were given to areas or localities and not just individual persons. This is my belief.

On other sheets the man wrote "Blessing" or "Honor". He distributed those sheets to his right and left, but he always handed them upward, not downward. It was as if he was handing them up to a place higher than where he was standing.

The Holy Spirit then said, "Write the vision".

In Jesus' Name,

Tony Stevens
Upper Room Ministries

The Goose Has Been Loosed

Bryan Hupperts

There are now kids who believe that when they see a dove, the Holy Spirit just flew by. I can only deduce they probably watch the TV show, "Touched by an Angel." You gotta wonder when the streetlight come on at night if the sudden backlighting makes their friends and neighbors look like angels. Using such representations for spiritual things have given wrong impressions before. During the First Crusade, one marauding band of religious fanatics marched behind a goose they thought was filled with the Holy Spirit!

Onward Christian soldiers! Marching off to war… following a goose in an apparent case of mistaken identity for the third person of the Tri-Unity of the Godhead. I can't help wondering if this might not have been a practical joke pulled by a few war-weary Muslim clerics who fell off their sacred prayer mats laughing.

And you thought today's religion on TV was weird…

Ok, it's easy to lampoon goofy things done in the name of faith. Removing such events from their time and social custom and analyzing them by today's standards, of course they look strange. Ahh, but there are rogue waddling geese among us and many in the Lord's army are wandering from the true battlefield by following them. Like those First Crusaders, they assume the thing they are gandering after must be God.

"Blow the trumpet is Zion, Zion…" and if that doesn't work, then we follow the honking goose.

Jesus gave his church a few simple instructions, which were to guide His people until He returned. Matthew 28:18-20, "And Jesus came and spoke unto them, saying, `All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.'"

The church was commissioned by God to perform a few simple duties. We were given power from on high to perform miracles, healing, and preach the Gospel – but many who are wiser than God think we can succeed without His enabling power. Trying to walk in the miraculous without God's power is a formula for failure. Surely the goose has been loosed.

We were commissioned to go to the nations, that's not just going to other countries, but to the various people groups in our own communities, and commanded to teach them about the kingdom of God and to baptize those who believe in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. Some scream obey Acts 2:38 and insist we only baptize in the formula of Jesus' name. Yes, obey acts 2:38. While you're at it, Obey Matthew 28:19, too!

Did anyone see a smirking goose waddle by during the baptism ceremony?

And finally we are told to help people observe, that is, put into personal practice, the things Jesus taught. Now wait just a minute! You mean we are not just to read our Bibles but actually put that `love your neighbor' stuff into practice? Why, you fanatic! That would start a revolution of love and kindness and, as most churches are run as private, self-promoting corporations, it might mean we would have to start – yeech – liking each other and treating each other with preference and respect. Think of the chaos!

Honk, honk.

Am I being a bit irreverent? Yes, of course I am. But if you think it is really the leading of God's Hoy Spirit that perpetually divides his citywide church, let me gently inform you… you're following a goose away from the true battlefield – on a wild goose chase.

If whatever you are following is leading you away from the basics of preaching the Gospel, praying for the sick, loving your neighbor and loving the people of God, be sure the meandering gander has struck yet again. But, like those Crusaders of long ago, since you are already dressed for battle, why not ask the Holy Spirit – who promises to guide you in all things provided you will follow Him – to lead you back to the real battle. We're being overrun and we desperately need soldiers of the Cross who will lay down their lives for the cause of Christ – or soon our collective gooses will be cooked.

Bryan Hupperts © 2001
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