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December 15, 2001

To the Least Of These

Ras Robinson

Itís time to do it to the least! I see your heart that you desire to help the helpless, the depressed and downcast. Your heart tells you to do good to your neighbor. But you have lacked for opportunity. Seasons come and go. But this is the season to do good to and for others. This is the time of year that many people will surprisingly find depressing and heavy hearted. All over the world and around where you live there are very needy people. Some are in great bondage. Others have broken hearts. Some are very aged and sick. Yet you have much joy. So take your joy and your light that I have given you and begin to shine it in dark places where people live. Begin to ask how you can help. Listen to the cries of the hearts and lives about you every day. I will show you the needs of the multitudes starting with the ones right before you. And since I live in your heart I am seeking to find expression of the compassion welled up within me. So listen to your heart and I will open your eyes and ears to the cries, the hurts and longings. Itís time to do it to the least!

For I was hungry, and you gave Me nothing to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me nothing to drink; I was a stranger, and you did not invite Me in; naked, and you did not clothe Me; sick, and in prison, and you did not visit Me.' "Then they themselves also will answer, saying, 'Lord, when did we see You hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not take care of You?' "Then He will answer them, saying, 'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.' Matthew 25:42-45

Ras and Bev Robinson, Pastors
Fullness in Christ Church
Fullness in Christ Ministries

Warfare through His Presence and Rest

Johan Boot

I was standing in a beautiful garden when the Lord approached me. I saw that He held a sword and a scroll in his hands. "Come, I will show you things I am about to do in the church." I followed Him along a path in the garden. There was beautiful music and praise throughout the garden. "This is the place of rest in Me. I desire My people to come and experience My rest. For a long time My people have fought the enemy in the flesh with human wisdom and understanding. You cannot fight the enemy with human understanding, you can only destroy His works by the power of the Spirit in My Name." The peace in the garden surpassed a person's understanding. It seemed to lift you above every human imaginations and desire. "In this place of rest, you will find the Sword and the Wisdom needed to overcome the plans and strategies of the enemy." I then understood the purpose of the sword and the scroll which the Lord was carrying.

We came to a place where the Lord showed me a spiritual battle. I could see how believers where fighting against the hosts of darkness. They were proclaiming the Word of the Lord, together with the Name and Blood of Christ. I saw how the hosts of wickedness were afraid of these spiritual attacks. Each time a prayer was prayed in the Name of Jesus, light would be released in the direction of the enemy and it would scramble around in fear. But strangely it did not destroy the enemy. Neither did it have a lasting destructive effect on the demonic forces. It simply upset the enemy's camp, causing disorganization and fear. I then turned to the Lord for wisdom. "When fighting against the enemy through human wisdom and understanding, you will see the enemy simply regrouping for a new attack, as soon as the prayer has stopped. You will always be engaging in warfare against the same enemies, without experiencing an overcoming victory. Overcoming victory only comes when I fight for you. The church does not understand that only through My understanding and wisdom can true victory be established. When you come into this place of rest in Me, your human wisdom and understanding fails. My presence simply fills everything in you, lifts you unto a higher plane. Here in My presence and rest, you will receive this sword and scroll." He then handed me the sword and the scroll. As I held the sword, I could feel the power of God shooting right through everything in me. It was as if light was radiating from the sword and was illuminating everything around me. As I took the scroll, whole areas of understanding opened up to me. It felt like complete purposes and plans played off before me.

"Spiritual battle is Mine and I am the Commander of the armies of heaven. This sword is My word of authority to establish My kingdom in the earth. This scroll is the will of My Father. He has established the battle plan through His purposes. In each of these battles His has established the victory beforehand. Today the church is called as My body to establish these purposes in the earth. I am the head and the church is My body. Without My understanding, revelation and wisdom you will fight an never-ending battle against the enemy."

The Lord then led me back into the garden of rest. He led Me into a beautiful complex of marble and white gold. At the huge gate at the entrance of the complex, was an inscription in gold: "The Battle is the Lord's". He led me into the main building in the complex and to a room where there were about 25 people. "These are generals in My army. They are here to receive understanding regarding the purposes of My Father. Once they understand the battle plan they are clothed with the glory of My Father. Unless they first receive the purposes and heart of the Father, and then be clothed with the glory of His presence, they will not be able to go with Me into battle. I am the Commander of the Lord's army and we fight as kings - not as slaves. In the previous battle I showed you the battle of slaves. They were slaves of fear and confusion. Although they carried My Name and word, they were not liberated from the fear of the enemy. They entered warfare every time they felt an attack from the enemy, yet they only managed to upset and disorganize the enemy's camp. When I lead My army into battle we go with the eternal purposes of My Father. These purposes open up the spiritual battlefield, which operates on a level where Satan has no understanding. He cannot understand the plans and purposes of My Father. When My body move with Me in battle and prayer, these purposes are released over the church and bondage and limitation which has entrapped the church for generations are broken."

The Lord then led the group of generals out the room and into a courtyard. In the courtyard there were chariots of fire. Two by two the generals ascended a chariot. As they were ready to go out into battle the Lord gave each one of them a sword and a scroll. The Lord charged them with these words, "My kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!" With those words they were released and the chariots of fire ascended into the air. I was allowed to go with and see what was happening. An angel was with Me on a chariot while the Lord was leading the army from the front. We descended to a city filled with darkness and troubled. I could see how thick darkness was covering the city. Then the angel spoke, "The Lord will break the mold of wickedness and the fortress of darkness, by proclaiming the Kingdom of God. Then the eternal plan of God for this city will been established."

I then heard the sound of thousands of trumpets proclaiming the purposes of God. Again I heard the Lord say, "My kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!" Then I saw a great light break through the darkness and the chariots of fire could travel through the mold of wickedness covering the city. I saw how each chariot was sent in a different direction and traveled until they came to the perimeter of the city. Each chariot came to a cornerstone for that city. There the two generals on the chariots used the swords they received to cut loose bonds of wickedness which were connected to that cornerstone. Then they took the scroll and placed it upon the cornerstone. I saw how the light of God came and engraved the purposes written upon the scroll, upon the cornerstone. As this happened the cornerstone became filled with light and the glory of God began to fill the city. The prayers of the saints in the city and their praise to the Lord were filling the city, and it began to push the mold of wickedness back. People in the city started to see the light and turned from their own darkness to the light of the Lord. Joy started to flow in the city and brothers walked in love and peace. The more the people of the city prayed and worshipped the Lord, the more the glory of God filled it. After some time, I saw how the mold of wickedness was completely pushed away and that it started to become detached from the city. Bonds of evil that were holding the mold of wickedness in place were cut loose. Eventually I saw how again a thousand trumpets were blown and a mighty wind came through the city and the mold of wickedness was blown away by a wind a revival. Everywhere people saw that the covering of darkness has been removed and were calling upon the Name of the Lord.

Suddenly I saw the Lord again in the garden. "When My generals - who are the apostles and prophets of the church are released with My purposes and word, you will see true spiritual breakthroughs. Without My wisdom and understanding in the purposes of My Father, and being clothed with the presence of My glory you cannot have these kind of victories. This place of rest in Me, is the beginning of the battle. Without the rest of My presence you will not be able to come into the place of wisdom and purpose. Rest in Me and come to know My presence."

Johan Boot,

Do You Sing In The Night?

Chimezie Onyebilanma

God my maker, who gives songs in the night. Job 35 : 10

Songs normally follow victories. Naturally it is not normal to rejoice while our trouble last. Yet this is the privilege we have as God's children. God gives songs to his children in the nights of life. The nights of weeping, difficulties, or trouble. These are those times when things seem impossible, when you have waited and waited and there seems to be no solution in sight. When things fail to go the way you hoped. And it seems foolish to go on hoping. Those are times when God gives us songs. It is like those three Hebrew young men - Shadrach, Meshach and Abedinego who incurred the wrath of the ungodly king and had to face fire. They threw them into the midst of the fire and I believe that the first thing God gave them were songs of peace right in the midst of the fire. God didn't stop them from entering the fire but He gave them praise songs inside a blazing furnace!

God longs to fill us with peace and praise right in the midst of life's storms. I recall having experienced this myself some times in my walk with the Lord. I remember one time just before marriage when I was trying to get a new job and transfer to another town. Everything had been working well -the vacancy was there, the establishment wanted me urgently, and the process of employment had began moving. Then all of a sudden everything froze . They couldn't locate my file, people became uncooperative and I was running out of time, money and hope. I prayed and prayed and nothing changed. Then one day in the midst of all the trouble, when there was still no hope in sight, I heard a song inside of me. Naturally I wasn't feeling like singing, yet here was my heart bubbling with a song of praise. So I yielded to my heart and sang out the words.

"everything is gonna be alright in Christ, everything is gonna be alright in Christ, lift your hands and praise His name, for eternity the same, for I know everything is gonna be alright in Christ"

Things didn't change on that day. But things did changed and I found that every word of that song came to pass. If we are to go by human reasoning you would expect God to give us the songs when the morning of victory has come to replace the nights of hopelessness. Now we must sing when the victory come but these kind of songs we are talking about here are not the type that victory brings rather they are the type that bring the victory. When we accept these songs from God and sing them they go ahead to release the victory.

Jehoshaphat understood this principle of singing-in your victory. In 2 Chronicles 20:18 & 19 immediately he and the people heard God's promises they "..bowed to the ground.... in worship before the LORD the God of Israel with very loud voice ! ". Note that their situation had not yet changed. They were still in danger. O, but their hearts had changed -from mourning to dancing - because they choose to believe God's word. Note also, that their problem was not even solved that day that they began singing. Yet the next day they went on singing. They were committed to praising God even if things don't seem to get better. And as they began to sing and praise, the Lord set ambushes against their enemies. As we receive and sing the songs God gives us in the night, we allow God to undertake for us. The reason then that God wants to give us songs in the midst of the night is so to help us walk in faith. He brings those songs to reassure us of His presence and to strengthen our faith. And He knows that as we sing even when we do not feel like it, we win. Please do remember to sing in the nights of life.

The Lord Of Hosts

Jo Spangler

Lift up your heads, O ye gates
And be lifted up, ye everlasting doors
And the King of Glory shall come in.
Who is the king of Glory?
The Lord strong and mighty
The lord mighty in battle
He is the King of Glory.

Lift up ye heads, o ye gates,
And be lifted up ye everlasting doors
And the King of Glory shall come in.
Who is the King of Glory?
The Lord of Hosts,
He is the King of Glory.

While studying about the glory I read Psalm 24 and realized something new. We know that this is a psalm about Jesus; He is the King of Glory. And we are ordained by God to be changed into the image of His beloved Son. His Son is the King of Glory and, if we are to be conformed to His image, glory has to be involved.

Jesus himself said in John 17 that the glory the Father had given Him, he in turn gave to us. What I would like to know is, where is it now? In Ezekiel we read that the glory departed from Israel, moving a small distance at a time until it was gone. The same has happened in the church, the glory that Jesus restored to the earth within the primitive church has departed. We are naked without the glory, just as Adam and Eve were. So if the church Jesus is coming for is pure and spotless, and that church must be glorious, then they must be living in the glory when He comes, for that is the only thing that hides the nakedness of humanity. What I saw that day in Psalm 24 was the description of the name of the Lord as the King of Glory. Who is the King of Glory? The Lord of Hosts, (the Captain of the Army of the Lord), He is the King of glory. The description of his army is in Rev 19.14 "And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horse, clothed in fine linen, white and clean."

The church Jesus returns for is a glorious church. Hebrews tells us that when he returns the second time it is NOT to deal with sin, sin has already been dealt with. He is coming for saints who according to Peter followed Jesus' example of:

  1. Had no sin (thus confirming Jesus is NOT coming back to help us with sin, we had better do that ourselves since He has already made provision for it.)
  2. Had no guile in His mouth (this means people in whom there is no duplicity, deceit, or mixture of human ways with God's ways)
  3. Who, when reviled, did not revile,
  4. Who suffered, but did not threaten,
  5. Who committed Himself to the One who judges righteously?

This is the kind of church Jesus is coming in and for. OK, so much for the idea that we can wait for Jesus to come back to rid us of our sin. He has ALREADY DONE THAT. So much for the idea that Jesus understands our little idiosyncrasies and will look the other way when He comes. It is written down in black and white the characteristics He is looking for in His people. So much for the idea that we are free to live our lives any way we wish and still see the kingdom. The kingdom of God has very strict criteria. Why else would the King tell us "MANY will say, didn't we prophesy and do signs and wonders in your name? And He says, "I never knew you."

He will only know (recognize) the ones who fit HIS (not our) criteria. And He states that as the ones who do the will of the Father. The will of the Father for character development in the saints is very clear, no sin, no guile, no reviling, committing your life to God.

I know when anybody says no sin many cries will be heard about perfection, etc. But I am not a theologian. I am not interested in useless debates and arguments. I am interested in the lives of people I see who are being misled into believing that no matter how they live their life, if they have their ticket to heaven by saying a few words, they are saved. The Bible simply does not back up that theory. It is very specific about the process by which God calls, justifies, sanctifies and glorifies.

Whoa, what was that last thing? Glorify? Well, if you glorify something glory will have to be involved in the process. So we are back to the King of Glory, the Lord of Hosts, back to the army in white that is pure and clean. When Steve Gray (missionary to Tanzania) visited our home group to talk about the glory his groups experienced in Africa he made the remark that someone said to him that as one stays in the glory, you no longer do warfare, you are warfare.

This makes perfect sense from Psalm 24. The Lord of Hosts, the warfare King, the King of Glory. Once the saints are living in the glory (or clothed in the glory, or covered with the glory, or whatever it's called) they become the same nightmare to the demons that Jesus was. They are made into His image of the King of Glory.

Before you go cutting my head off because I am arrogant or forward with the Lord inferring that we are called to this, consider Jeremiah 15.16, "Your words were found and I ate them and they became to me a joy and the delight of my heart for I am called by your name, O LORD OF HOSTS." !!!!!! We are called by His name, the Lord of Hosts, when we eat his words (eat his flesh and drink his blood.) When we eat those words and they become the joy and delight of our heart we are on our way to the glory.

It is a process, like all of salvation. We get little glimpses, (unless we are like Steve Gray and get big doses as He ministers in Africa.) and they encourage us on to pursue the Lord who, of course, is our Glory and the source of all glory. Paul says in Ephesians "to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations."

Wait a minute, glory in the church???? Yes, there is supposed to be glory in the church. Why would we ever doubt that we should pursue the glory of God or that there is any question that this is the will of God for His children? Shake off the lies that would tell you this is too high for you. Jesus said it, Paul said it, and Peter said it. How many times do we have to be told to penetrate the deception and lies stuffed in our heads? His Will for us is to live in the glory.

Lift up your heads, a command of GOD. Yet in Psalm 3 His grace says that He is the lifter of our heads. He will even do this for us. O, God, lift up my head, above my enemies all around me (Psalm 27).

And be lifted up you everlasting doors. And be transformed into His image. He is THE Door; we are everlasting doors. He is THE Gate; we are gates through which the King of Glory will come into the earth. O, Hallelujah, get this, people. How we have been lied to, how we have been deceived! The promise is "The King of Glory shall come in." Does He say a thing and NOT do it? We only have to lift our heads to His Light and Truth and the King of Glory will come into our lives and to the lives of everyone in our sphere. Can you grasp this? Can you feel the love of God in this promise?

John said, "We have seen His Glory". This is what the whole church should be saying. Once you have seen the glory, been in the Glory, been transformed by the glory, you can never go back. There is nothing to go back to, which is why Peter responded to Jesus with the words, "Where would we go?" I am called by His Name, "the Lord of Hosts". I am called to His Glory, the King of Glory. I have seen the Lord, high and lifted up, and indeed I cry, "Woe is me, I am undone." But I have a promise from my King, that He shall come in, come into the world through me. Who am I to deny Him the honor and glory of such a miracle? O Lord, Come. Come to your church, lead us by your light and truth, to your holy hill, into the Holy of Holies and let us dwell with you in the Glory of God.

Voice Behind You

Jeanne Stewart

I have chosen you as My voice. But when you draw back from Me and listen at a distance, My commands are not clear sounding. You must allow Me to guide you with My voice behind you speaking clearly in your spirit's ear. I must be absolutely with you! Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear My voice behind you ... 'this is the way - walk in it'!

It will not be your wisdom that people will marvel at. It will be My great wisdom speaking forth from you for clear direction during this difficult end-time of My church. My heart will be your heart, My desire will be your desire, and My Voice will be your voice.

You ask Me, 'how can this be - I am so weak as flesh?' But you forget that I AM so great as Spirit! As you allow Me to be God as Spirit to spirit you will see a greater anointing on you with My power, as fire and as wind. You will speak My words with a boldness. You will speak My direction with a quietness. As My voice behind you whispers into your spirit's ear ...

Be ready -
Stay ready -
Be comfortable in Me and My timing.
Now Go Forth !!!

The Masters Voice

Sharon Fernandez

I am the God of glory. The one who loves you with a jealous love. I will not share your heart, I want it fully to myself. I paid a high price to purchase you through my Son Jesus. You are mine, you are my property, my possession the apple of my eye.

I have called you to work with me not to work for me. I want you to know my heart and hear my voice so that you can accomplish my will. My will and my word are one. Hear my word and know my will. Those who hear my voice are those whose hearts are soft and they know my will. Tune yourselves to the voice of my Holy Spirit and my will shall always be clear to you.

Pray in the Spirit contiually and there will be no struggle for you to hear my voice, the voice of the one who loves you with an everlasting love. The frequency of my Spirit is reached by fine tuning. This fine tuning is the deliberate deleting or shuting out of the thousand other voices that would come to confuse you and trouble. But my voice brings peace and calm.

My sheep hear my voice and they know me and will not follow the voice of a stranger. The voice of the Master is the voice of power and authority. I am that voice says The Lord my name is Jesus. I always speak in love to you my children never in condemnation. If I speak comfort or correction my voice is carried by the Holy Ghost with the Father's heart of love. I want you to recognise my voice and understand my heart, say's the Lord.

Drawing You Closer

Yolanda Ballard

Deep calls unto deep at the sound of thy waterspouts. And I am calling you deeper unto Me. I am drawing you deeper that you may be able to enter into My throne room in a new and profound way. For these are the end times, and you need at all times clear access to My grace and glory. You need to have that clear communication with Me to walk in the fullness of My wisdom and knowledge.

As you know, so many things get in your way to be able to clearly hear My voice. So many distractions sent from the enemy to try to deter you from My presence. Take the time to sit quietly to listen to My still, small voice. For I will make you attuned to it that at all times you will know the way in which you are to walk. I am making your spirit so attuned to Mine that in any circumstance you will be able to hear My voice so you can know My perfect will. For in My will is safety and the assurance that everything you are going through will work for your good.

Be still and know that I am God and that I am drawing you closer to Me. Every step of the way, through the purging of My love, you are being conformed to the image of My Son. The sufferings of the present will never compare to the glory that I will pour out upon you when I make you ready. Be patient and walk steadfast after Me, and I will give you the fruit of the land. I will manifest in full measure your inheritance where others will see My faithfulness performed on your behalf. For yes, you have been faithful and have not wavered in unbelief. You have held on to My words promised to you. And now I will pour out upon you and through you signs and wonders that all will see. I will perform creative miracles on your behalf....healing and restorations you have been believing for.

And yes, I will restore vision to you that the enemy has tried to rob you of....callings and prophesies I have spoken to you in years past. Yes, I will restore vision to you. Do not lose hope. I see the yearning in your heart....that longing in you of having My Spirit flow freely through you. For I am bringing down the walls....all that has even caused My Spirit to be dammed up. For I have allowed the purging and all the tribulations to bring you to the point where you would cry out to Me and give up your independence. For I have made you as a free flowing which shall never run dry of My glory. And I will come forth in power through you.

I will have My way in your life for I have made you a chosen vessel....a vessel of honor to bring glory to My name, and nothing by any means will hinder My will through you. For this is the day of salvation. This is the day of My glory, and you are the vessel I have chosen to use. So yield your hearts to Me. Open wide and let Me have your all, and I will refresh you and revive you beyond measure. And all will see that you truly are My sons of glory, says your King.

Go Forth

Gertrude Jensen

My Precious Children,

Walk gracefully in the Son, for it is of Him that you are saved. Reach out to Him and be comforted. It has seemed to be a very long journey and it has been. Take a good look at yourself, are you the same person who took those first steps in Christ? Do you believe in the same way as you did in the beginning? Who are you today?

Let Me tell you what I see---I see an army of believers who shine with the warm luster of polished gold. This is what you now are, warm lustrous gold. I see that you are ready and await only one last blessing before being sent out to do what you have been called for, prepared for, trained for and blessed for. Just as the apostles in the upper room, you await with fear and apprehension. You wait for the finial polishing of the Spirit.

Truly, even by your understanding of time, you have very little wait left. Soon the special anointing of the Spirit shall come upon you to fortify and strengthen you as My Son was fortified and strengthened by the cup in the garden.

You shall go forth among the nations spreading the Good News, claiming lost souls and healing the wounded. You shall do even greater things because of Jesus, Who lives in you and because of your faith.

I shall reward your faithfulness and grant you the true desires of your heart. For as I have started a good work in you, I will continue it unto completion. You are My precious chosen ones the ones I have called by name--know that I love beyond measure.

The Necessity of Wounds

A. W. Tozer

Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep Your word.... It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes. --Psalm 119:67,71

It is amazing to me! There are people within the ranks of Christianity who have been taught and who believe that Christ will shield His followers from wounds of every kind.

If the truth were known, the saints of God in every age were only effective after they had been wounded. They experienced the humbling wounds that brought contrition, compassion and a yearning for the knowledge of God. I could only wish that more among the followers of Christ knew what some of the early saints meant when they spoke of being wounded by the Holy Spirit....

In every generation, the people who have found God have been those who have come to the end of themselves. Recognizing their hopelessness, they have been ready to throw themselves on the mercy and grace of a forgiving God. Men Who Met God, 59,62.

"Lord, don't let me waste the humbling wounds. Do Your great work within me, and help me to respond properly and learn all You want me to learn through Your working. Amen."

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