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February 24, 2004

My Church Is Going Forth Into the Streets

by Annette

God is going to show His glory forth-through our weaknesses- He WILL be glorified!! and lifted up.

He WILL be exalted!! not a man lifted up, BUT the Lord Jesus Christ -through an army of believers- the young and the old- the hurt, the wounded, the rejected sheep's- those whom He's prepared for such a time.

Those whom he's placed for such a time- in strategic places- the unknowns- those that need to rely on him to stand, to speak, to sing, to go forth.... whom He's prepared- to STAND!!.. to follow His lead and not be persuaded by man or religion.

The ARMY IS arisen!

ALL to HIS glory-Praise HIS name. Praise him! Praise him! It's those who don't feel capable but KNOW God CAN!! The reliance is on HIM and not on any of fleshes ability- but through HIM- whom we have our being and life!!

LIFE SHALL spring forth, readily- speedily!! The banks over flood with more of him. HIS Spirit flowing freely..., and flooding out into the streets, overtaking cites- bringing LIFE!!! LIFE more abundantly!!

LIFE- I speak forth LIFE- I call you forth! Rivers overflow!! Yes, Have your way Lord.


I am overflowing the banks of the churches-into the streets it shall flow. And wherever it goes, life SHALL flourish! And fruit SHALL abound. My hearts cry SHALL be heard. My people are taking the land. MOVE forward! It's time! Time to take the land. The harvest is plentiful.

REJOICE! REJOICE! REJOICE for great is your reward.

The light is going- even now- it's penetrating the darkness. It's making a path before you. See it now- It's right there. Follow it and I'll go before you making a way. Look not to the right of what was- Look not to the left of what is now.. Look not behind you at what was...but look before you ... to what is to come.

Go forward to what is to become, because it is I. It is now. The doors are open. I've made it clear before you, as long as you rely on me. Keep your eyes on me. Follow me. I will be the plower- the door opener- for have not I ALREADY opened the door. IT'S OPEN!

It's before you, but many are distracted and led astray by the cares of today, and of the worries of tomorrow... and stuck in the hurts of yesterday... to move forward... that cloud comes up from within of darkness that obscures the Son..

I said MY SON.. from shining brightly, and blocks the clear view of the horizon- of what I am doing. Look even now- on the horizon- the SON HAS Risen!!

Your things I have ordained of you, are mine to bring to pass-just do what I ask- when I ask- don't worry about yesterday. Don't worry about tomorrow of the what if's or who may be offended because your stepping out. Look to the SON that HAS Risen upon you.

Don't worry about How it will ALL be accomplished... know that I WILL do it- as you step in obedience. There are angels sent forth.. way ahead of you in time... they are in the time before you, making a way... walk ye in it. They are way ahead of you... preparing a way- preparing a people. What is needed WILL be there at that time.

Money will come forth as needed. You won't need to beg, borrow, or plead- only share your heart- My heart. And I have the money!! As needed... as needed... things WILL be supplied to you, even before a need comes- or an area I want you to branch out into... It WILL be there. I WILL be THERE... as long as you walk in obedience to my voice.

There is much to come forth. You won't have to force it.. cry to me and I will, and already have dispatched angels. I AM! And I ALWAYS SHALL BE!

LOOK UPON ME. There's a place- there's a place.. I have prepared for you. REjoice for I AM! and I AM BEFORE you.

It's not a name- It's not a church. It's me. My name WILL be lifted up and exalted. The fruit is abounding -my fruit- good fruit. Do not worry. Do not fear. Stay focused on Me.

There are many people I have prepared even today- I say to you as you step out- in love! Love is the key!-just reflect my love.. Don't worry because NOT all will accept you, some are going to reject you, and even come against you... because your going against the grain of religion... but know I have those who you now know and some you have not yet met.

I am calling out the obscure- and I will bring those that are equipped to teach and help...and those who WILL grow rapidly into their gifts. There are connection already made in heaven that are yet to come- It will not all be on your shoulders(as individuals), but your team of many, and it WILL grow.

There will be College students. They will be young... of all ages...the young and old.. this isn't about age, but it's about hearts. Those that desire me- to know me. They'll be ALL ages- as they are all my children, and many have only needed a safe place to heal, and giftings pulled out, to be encouraged.

And there are those that I have took through the wilderness and have prepared them to move forward and take the land- to take my people deeper into the promise land.

You'll, (when I say you- I mean ministries- team members and those that will come out of you-My people), You will be breakers. It's not one-it's many. I'll be brought into the schools- into colleges, I'm going to the streets through you-

There is a release bursting forth now- coming down upon you- your streets- my people- that have been strategically placed. There are others through-out the U.S. and the world-wherever you live- this is a word for you) small fires, that shall grow to raging fires!!

Where you-(my willing people) step, little fires will break out and there grow lots of separate fires... that SHALL shoot forth fireballs-but all from the same flame. ALL one!

WATCH OUT! BE ready in season and out. Look upon me. Keep your eyes upon me. LET me increase in you and through you.

I SHALL consume churches and break forth- I AM breaking out of the confines placed upon me. There is healing in my wings- a mighty deliverance for my people. There is not one leader but many, many called out ones- some will come through you...

It will be of every nation and tongue, and of every denomination... Be Prepared! Raise up others to go forth.. the multiplication process of disciples.

Raise them- bless them. release them.
Raise them- bless them- release them.
Raise them- bless them- release them.

When they go out from among you.. bless them- release them. If they talk badly of you... bless them- release them- move on, because this won't be a small thing. They'll be branches off of branches.. each separate but a part of the whole- the whole of MY picture!

Again I say MY picture. It won't always be what you think it should be. It's MY masterpiece. ONLY do what I put before you. I will bless you. I will multiply you. I will equip, and I WILL send out... so more fires can spread.

I am well pleased with you. You may think your small and feel small in my army but I will use you in your weakness- as you dwell in me. You will flow in me- as your head is upon my breast- you will stay in beat with my heart beat.

I am branching you out, only rely on me. Don't worry about funds- just lean on me. Rest at my feet. It will be in that place as you rest at my feet- worshiping only me, as Mary- from there...

I WILL flow through you. Rest in me.
It will be a natural overflow. Rest in me!

It will be an outflow of my love- through you. Rest in me!!

Rest in me.
Love and blessings,

Annette /Godsway4evertrue!!!

Be Very Alert Today

Ras Robinson

There is nothing that can come against you over which I do not have total power and victory. So you are not to worry but be happy. I see shadowy figures lurking outside the door just waiting for their opportunity. This is not a new fight for you. The fight will be in the mind. But you have already been learning to let Me transform your mind to think on things above. Celebrate the good and refuse to dwell on the bad. Refuse to play the game of fear with the enemy. Remember that he is into mind games. Hide in the tower of My great name. Run to My shelter when he approaches. He is not your friend. Do not entertain his thoughts even for a second. Give him no quarter in your mind. In Me, there is never anything to fear. Be very alert today.

1 Peter 5:8 Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

A Word from the Lord to Build Up, Encourage and Comfort
Ras Robinson

Do Not Hesitate

Jane Jacobson

Obedience is better than sacrifice; so obey. These are perilous times and disobedience is costly to you and others. You are My precious jewels and I have been refining you in the fire. You are coming out as pure gold. You will be straight and hit the mark if you obey My commands with no procrastination or disobedience, and if you submit your will unto Me. You are servants of the Most High God. You are as arrows in My quiver and I would shoot you out where I may. I have plans that need to be fulfilled. I have destinies to be fulfilled. Your destinies! For a time such as this.

I have made you for relationship with Me as well as with others. I would that you would walk with Me and talk with Me as My Son did. You are made in His image. I would elevate you to high places quickly, for time is of the essence. I promote and I take down. I know who is ready, whether you think so or not. Do you remember Gideon, the mighty man of valor? He did not see himself as I did. You might not either; but just know that the plans I have for you are for good and not for evil and that I will give you the ability to do all things. It is My ability and My wisdom. Just ask and receive that your joy may be full.

Remember that My Son lives in you and He is more than able. My strategy may not be what you have planned, but remember that My ways are higher than your ways. I use the humble to confuse the wise; the weak against the strong. I will redeem the days and the years that the locusts have taken. It has not been in vain. The suffering has not been in vain. The losses have not been in vain; the rejection and the loneliness have not been in vain. What was meant for evil will now have victory for good!

I will order your steps. Obey. I love you and want only good for you and all My children. You are My hands and feet. Go in love. Go in peace. Go in My name. I am with you. I am the I AM.

In Quietness and Confidence

Paul Gervais

I tell you this prophetically. The Word's hour is here. Flesh is being added to promises of old. Previous mindsets are to be set aside, making room and way for the new. Additionally, that which has been spoken is secret is poised for substance. That unseen reaper is on the horizon, soon to surpass the sower.

You won't be allowed to faint, since Heaven has begun pouring forth spiritual boxes of supplies and provision from that increasingly widening rent in the fabric of Glory. God's will is to be done on earth, as it is in the face of the Throne Room.

Vindication, restoration, reconciliation and unification are part of that scheme. All opposing those who have been chosen and raised up by Me will assuredly make fools of themselves. Natural man will always be ignorant of My ways. That's why the renewed mind is imperative to understanding and success in matters of Covenant. From success to failure, everything points to Calvary's cross.

Therein lies certain victory!"

Dr. Paul Gervais

Speak The Word:

Above all I put on love and enfold myself with the bond of perfectness which binds everything together in harmony. Colossians 3:14

For Further Study:
Ezra 1
James 3

You Have Turned the Corner

Susan Cummings

You have turned the corner. You have not only changed, but have now begun to walk in a new direction. You cannot look back, as there is nothing behind you that is familiar. The old has now changed, and the former can no longer be viewed from where you are.

The only place is forward. For the new surroundings and challenges have not yet been experienced by you, and have no bearing on your memories or emotions, so you cannot judge by the former methods.

You must now leave the judgements to Me, and trust Me in this new direction. For I caused the shift, and I am well able to bring you on further into this new level. I know the plans that I have for you, child. Walk in them.

Now that you have changed directions, you must learn to use the new tools and the vision that I have placed within you. For it is for this cause and destiny that you are now here and moving. So, begin to dig deep, and let out what I have placed within you. I know what you need, and where you are headed, and just what you will be doing.

Your family has turned the corner. There is nothing that affects you that does not affect your family also. Remain focused, and alert. For I am guiding each of you into the plans for which you all have been prepared. There is no detail that I have missed or have forgotten, concerning you.

I am right on time. Do not look by the outward circumstances, but look within at the Promises that I have already told you and planted within your heart. My Word is True. It will be as I have said.

Nothing can stop my plans for your family, except you. Your choices can delay, divert, and abort My Purposes for you, if you choose. Continue on in Me. Walk forth with the directions that I have given to you. You will understand more, as you walk with Me.

Your Nation has turned the corner. There are times and seasons for all men, and for each nation. Each has a destiny, and a given charge to fulfill. But each can choose to go their own way if they choose to. That is the freedom of Will that I have lovingly given to each of my creations. But, each will also reap what they choose.

Your nation has chosen, and will experience much sorrow over their choices. For the testimony of your country is not Holy or as a Light of Truth to the nations. I am not the true God of corporate America.

They have made themselves as gods and as free thinkers and as their own light. The Truth is what they decide it will be. My Word does not change, nor is it alterable by men. Men have chosen to make it into what they want. But that does not change it at all.

The reaping has already begun to compile and the fruits of their choices will compound and become very dark, as they receive that which they have embraced.

Much upheaval and confusion and chaos will be seen as men come to the brink of their delusions and the repercussions will be costly. There is no clear Standard of Truth visible in your land, as the church has not risen up to stand or to seek Me on behalf of your land.

They only care for their comfort and pleasures.

But that is about to change. The comforts and pleasures will not satisfy anymore, nor will they be readily available as before. For I Am confronting the materialism and apathy of My People.

I am confronting the pride of men in this land. There will be no glory or pleasure in this new season and new direction. It will be a sober time, and a time of searching.

It will be as My Word has stated, that men would run to and fro looking for the Truth and not finding it, as they never wanted it or embraced it at first. But chose to disregard Me and go after their hearts pleasures. So they will have what they want, but it will be devoid of Me.

The corner has finally come, but what will men do, as they come face to face with Me?

-Susan Cummings

Shine Forth

Jane Larsen

I had a vision of a flower. It started as a bud and the underneath petals seemed to be orange. Then the petals started to open and they were a bright and beautiful yellow. They opened wide and strong. The flower had its face raised to the sun and seemed to be drinking in the warmth. Then the Lord laid this in my heart:

You have waited for a time such as this. A time to open your heart and reveal the work that has been going on inside you. You have been still, in a quiet and almost inactive time, but now you shall break forth and your beauty shall be seen.

Everything around you is about to change. There is a shifting taking place, a great movement, and you will be moved from this place to the place where I want you to be. I will throw open the doors and nothing will stop you. You are moving now in power and in My will. Do not worry and do not panic, for this is My will concerning you and I have arranged all that is about to pass. You are ready and prepared for all that is before you. Good things are before you. Do not listen to the enemy who will now attempt to distract you. Remember him, remember that he is the distracter. This is the path I have set you on and this is the time to come forth.

I have made a day and I have called it TODAY. Today is the day to move forward and watch as the doors, all the doors that were shut for so long, open before you. Nothing is too hard for Me. I hold all the keys in My hand. I unlock all that was previously barred. Do not worry about this or about that, for I will make the way and I will make it clear and plain.

You shall shine forth as the one that I have prepared. The time of waiting is over. The time has come. Shine forth. You no longer need to hide, but shine.

You Are a Chosen Generation

Bill Burns

You are the Esthers of this age called for such a time as this. You have been chosen to carry the message and the anointing that I have poured forth in this season. I have called you and spoken to you and said that this is the time that you will now become new wineskins. You are the living stones, the anointed stones that have been cut from that Rock whose name is Christ. It is written that from the Rock, Christ, the water comes. You are stones in the kingdom, the precious jewels, the living stones of that City, the New Jerusalem. You are building that City, for you are the stones and you are walls and you are the foundation of that glorious City. I am the Light of that City, and there shall be no other light upon My people. Encourage yourselves and come to Me as living stones, alive and fresh and built upon truth. Come with new hope and new joy and peace. I have called you for such a time as this.

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