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June 19, 2002

I Am King and Lord

Carolyn Spears

I AM...KING OF KINGS...LORD OF LORDS. You are My kings in the earth. All authority has been given unto Me in heaven and earth. Know and understand that the authority and power to rule and reign as kings that has been delegated to you is MY AUTHORITY and not your own. As you bow and humble yourselves unto Me, so too will the forces of evil bow unto you, but only by My authority.

Do not lose sight of this. Do not walk outside of this. Do not go beyond where I as your KING instruct you to go. For the power and authority in which you will walk in in these days will be mighty indeed and if you are not careful you will be deceived into thinking greater of yourselves than you ought and pride will enter in. Come, stay close to ME. Come to the throne room of grace boldly. As my kings and priests you must come away to the secret place often to know and understand who you are in Me.

This power and authority is Holy and must not be taken lightly for with it comes great responsibility. And as you move deeper and deeper into it, you will need to move closer and closer to Me. To do this, more and more of your flesh will need to die as more and more of My Spirit rises up in you.

Check your hearts often as you pursue this power and authority -- for I ask you, do you pursue for power's sake??? Do you pursue to have glory for yourselves??? If so it will not be. But if you pursue to walk in what I have called you to be -- if you pursue because of ME -- then you will become the pursued and My authority and power will move greatly in and through you. For I have spoken and ordained this for those who would humble themselves before Me.

Those who would put My will before their own know and understand that My will is greater. And as My will unfolds, all of what you desire will come into that. For I have given you the desires of your heart, but they will come about through My will. My ways are higher than yours. My thoughts are higher than yours. And when circumstances look like it is going contrary to that which I have placed in your hearts, is not necessarily so.

Keep yourselves close to Me. Do not allow the walk and the battles to separate you from Me. Allow My peace to envelope you as a shield for it will guard your hearts and mind. Keep closer to Me than ever before for you will need to be strengthened and empowered on a daily basis. And at times even on an hourly basis, for the battles are great that are ahead but the victories are assured.

You will rejoice greatly at the things you will see...things you have longed for are coming swiftly and in greater measure than you had hoped for or dared to even dream. Do not give up hope in the midst of the battle, stay close to Me for I am your strength, your power and authority is in Me.

Fresh Vision of God's Authority

Sammy Tippit

One of the greatest lessons I've learned as I have traveled around the world is that of God's sovereignty and authority. In many countries where I've ministered the Christian community is poor in material possessions but rich in spiritual power and authority. It seems as though Christians in the western world have reversed that situation. I've often contemplated how that has happened.

I believe that one of the major problems is that we have developed an over-dependence upon technology, talent and riches rather than a dependence upon God. The greatest evidence of our condition can be found at our prayer meetings. We can draw big crowds to our Christian meetings. All we have to do is bring in a well-known musician or movie star or some kind of super star. But if we issue a call for people to pray, we find our churches and meeting places empty.

Meanwhile, darkness seems to be engulfing western civilization. Yet, I've been in countries where God seems to be working mightily. Christians in those nations don't have the privilege of Christian radio or television. They don't even have access to many Christian books. But they do have one thing that many of us are Their commitment to pray and seek the face of God takes priority in their lives. Consequently, they have come to know the Sovereignty and Authority of God.

Isaiah of the Old Testament had a vision of God. The Scriptures say, “In the year of King Uzziah's death, I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted… and the train of His robe filled the temple.” Isaiah not only had a vision of God, but he saw Him sitting on His throne. True authority and power are at the throne of God. Real authority and power are not in Washington DC, London, Moscow or any of the world's capitals. But they are at the throne of the Living God. That's why prayer is so vitally important. Prayer gives us access to that seat of authority. We will find that only God’s power and authority will be able to turn the tide of immorality and spiritual apathy within our nation and community.

I am personally convinced that we must return to our spiritual roots if we are to experience a mighty sweeping revival. Isaiah saw the Lord sitting upon the throne. What's your vision?


Bill Burns

"Do you not know that you are a chosen generation, a holy people, kings and priests of My choosing, sons of glory, a Jacob generation? You are the righteous of this dispensation that I have called to walk in the power of My kingdom. If you do not know who you are, how can you be that which you are called to be? I say again, you are a holy generation, a righteous people, those who are called to carry the mantle of My authority and walk with the staff in your hand. I call you to obtain victory. Is there not a cause? Is there not a reason? Is there not that which is to be contended for? Is it not your duty but to honor the Father and give Him glory? Is it not your purpose but to bring destruction to the enemy? I say to you, it is written that the enemy will be crushed under your feet. Refuse to be a victim or to live at a low level. Rise up in the Spirit and come through the veil into the Holy of Holies. Come and walk with Me in the place of resurrection power where you will be quickened and given life and be set free from all that the enemy has brought against you. The eyes of your understanding will be opened to see My purposes

"Come up to the mountain of the Lord. Haven't I said that the house of the Lord will be built in the mountains in the last days? That place represents a high place in the Spirit, not of this world, but a place where you can come up, and I will speak to you face to face. I call you today to come up to Zion; come up to the house of the Lord. Come up and be blessed. Do not dishonor Me by refusing to come into heavenly places. Do not dishonor Me by neglecting My word. Do not dishonor Me by not believing that you can walk where I have called you. Do not dishonor Me by saying "I cannot attain." For, if it is written, and My words will not return void. Even though the heavens and earth will pass away My word stands sure forever. It is given unto you to believe and to respond to in truth and in spirit. Therein is the victory, says the Lord

I am weary with a people who continue to say, "I cannot." I have given you every avenue and opened to you a path of righteousness on which you can walk and accomplish all that I have declared you can attain. Do not be found to be faithless any longer. Strive to enter in to the place of rest. Rest and receive that which I have given unto you. No longer declare yourself to be unworthy, for the blood of My Son has made you worthy. No longer spurn My grace by declaring that I have not set you free, for whom the Son sets free is free indeed. If you desire to be free you must come and ask of Me and walk in the power of My Spirit. Face the enemy with the authority I have given to you. No longer function in fear, for fear itself will bring torment, and torment will destroy you

"I am looking for a strong people, unafraid, who will rise up in courage. My name has been dishonored in My church and among My own people. You say, "How has it been dishonored?" I say, through doubt and unbelief. Why would you choose to believe your circumstances rather than to believe My word? Why would you choose to believe the lies of the enemy rather than to believe that which I have spoken? Why would you choose to hold yourself in captivity or to allow yourself to be held in bondage when I have given you freedom? Why would you choose to abide in self_pity when I have not called you to uselessness or hopelessness? Have I not written that you are to be strong in My power? If you are not it is because you have not believed. You have not used the authority that I have given you, and you have not sought Me with a whole heart and have not dedicated yourself to Me in all things and in all your ways. Seek Me with all of your heart, and I will be found."

Iron Against Iron

Doug Morrell

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. (Prov. 27:17)

Mental and spiritual sharpness comes from being around Holy Spirit-filled people. And a meeting of minds through the unity of the Holy Spirit can help us see our ideas with new clarity, refine them, and shape them into brilliant insights. This requires a deliberate choice and selection of discussion partners who can challenge one another and stimulate thought--people who focus on the idea without involving their egos, i.e. "pride", in the discussion; people who know how to attack the thought and not the thinker.

We must also remember that we cannot attain our greatest possible potential when we consciously try to do so. That is a fundamental law of life. That is why it is so wrong to ask, "How can I get what I want in order to find fulfillment for myself?" It is only when I forget myself and devote myself to helping someone else achieve their dream or vision that I will find my own heart running over with grace and glory and satisfaction. This is one of the fundamental mysteries of life, and it is confirmed to us every day.

The man who tries desperately to satisfy himself, the man who gets up in the morning and says, "Today I'm going to make a great deal of money, and then I will have everything that I want and then I will certainly help others achieve their ends," the man who gives himself to this pursuit is the man who ends up an empty-hearted, shallow person. Some have called this "destination sickness," the awful sickness of having arrived where you want to go, but having nothing when you get there. Jesus put it this way: "If any man would save his life he will lose it, but if he lose his life for my sake he will save it," (Mth. 16:25; Luke 9:24). As well, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Mth. 6:33)

As Christian believers, we must never forget that, in every relationship of life, another person is present: It is not merely a situation of 'what I want' versus 'what you want.' There are never just the two of us present -- husband and wife, parent and child, believer and believer, believer and unbeliever, employer and employee. In every relationship, a third person is present -- the Lord Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit. To an unbeliever, who does not recognize the universal and immediate presence of the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of Jesus - the primary concern will always be an entirely soulful and selfish motive cloaked in a 'what's in it for me' attitude. However, to a believer, an attitude of 'what's in it for me' is to be of no regard. Here, then, we come to the solution. The great issue for the believer in each and every moment-by-moment situation and circumstance must always be "What would Lord Jesus have me do? What does my Lord want of this situation?" The great question is never "What's in it for me?" but "What does Christ Jesus, living in me by His Holy Spirit, desire of this relationship?" Our attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.

Like Christ, we should have a servant's attitude, serving out of love for God and for others, not out of survival, guilt or fear. Remember, you can choose your attitude. You can approach life expecting to be served, or you can look for opportunities to serve others.

If we say we follow Christ, we must also say we want to live as he lived. We should develop his attitude of humility as we serve, even when we are not likely to get recognition for our efforts. Are you selfishly clinging to your rights, or are you serving? Are you building your kingdom or God's Kingdom through relationships? Do you ask, "What's in it for me?" or "What can I do to help you succeed?"

The problem is not that we do not know what we should do, but that we do not obey what we already do know. We acknowledge that this is true and we all say "Amen!" But when it comes to a specific situation where someone is cutting across our pathway and we find ourselves insisting on our rights while they insist on their rights, we revert so many times to the old basis by which the world lives: "I demand my rights!" It is here that we must insist that dead men have no rights, if in fact we have been crucified with Christ and we realize that we are not our own, but have been bought at a price (1 Cor. 6:19, 20). Otherwise, we only increase the enmity, and ultimately it breaks out in strife, bitterness, resentment, division, or violence. But here is the solution.

"Subject yourselves to one another, out of reverence for Christ." (Eph. 5:21)

The world is dying to see a living example of this Holy Spirit-filled life. They do not understand this kind of love, and they cannot grasp its importance until they see it in action among those who call themselves Christian believers. This is truly iron sharpening iron. Do you dare try it?

Grow in grace and truth,
doug morrell
A fellow servant in the work of the Kingdom.

Live Christ Deliberately!
Christian Outfitters

Standing at the Gate

Jane Larsen

I have placed you at the gate. I have placed you to block the attack of the enemy. I have placed you to stand in prayer at the gate. Warrior prayer. The enemy will attack as a raging lion and you are placed as guard. You use a mighty weapon. You use my name. You use the power of prayer.

Your prayers bring forth healing for the sick. They bring forth peace in places of war. They stop the attacks of the enemy. They bring deliverance to those in bondage. They bring power. They open the way for many who are lost. Each prayer you pray brings a crop. Each word you cry out to me brings answers, brings movement from heaven. Warring angels are around you. Power is released from my throne. The enemy is slayed. Stand in your place of prayer. Stand in my name and call upon me. Continue with the good work I have called you to do.

I know you have been weary. I know you have held on to me in the face of burning arrows. I know you have kept your eyes upon me and turned away from the taunts of the enemy. I know all this, and I know, too, the tears you have shed as you stand, faithful warrior, guarding the gate, and your tears have moved mountains. They were not shed in vain. Your seeds will bear fruit. Much fruit.

Persevere. As you persist, an abundance of blessings will come. Healings will come in my name. The lost shall be saved in my name. The Nations shall bow before me, for you are asking it, you are believing it, in my name.

You are not alone in this war. Would I leave you alone to fend of the enemy? I am with you. I am by you. It is even my hand that upholds you.

I perceive your thoughts from afar. I knew your name before you ever were. I gazed upon you in my secret place, and I called you mine. I set you apart. I put you in a safe place. I put you by my side and held your hand from the beginning. So great is my love for you that it has no end. You are infinitely precious in my eyes.

Let the battle rage and have no fear, for the weapon of my word is in your mouth, and I stand by your side. No darkness can separate us. No plot of man, no strikes of the enemy. Nothing can stand between my love for you and survive. I deliver. I heal. I answer your prayers and send the rain. I do it, because you stand guard at the gate. You ask and believe.

Cast Out Of the Vineyard

Rich Elliot

And they took him, and killed him, and cast him out of the vineyard. Mark 12:8

--My bride to be; such is the condition of much of My Church today. I have been removed from the midst of all that is done.

But I have good news for you. I am coming to the Church. I am not coming as a lamb, but as a lion. As I first came as a sacrifice for sin, it was necessary, it was My Father's will to be killed and to be cast out. But as I come to My Church now, there will be a vast difference.

There will be shakings, there will be severe shakings and I will not be easily ignored. For I am coming to make ready a people who have cried out and who have sought out and who I have brought out; the future of My Church is bright and glorious. For I am indeed coming to My Church to enable her to bring honor and glory and increase in My Kingdom.

Do not fear the months ahead, but instead seek Me even more. Do not allow fear to turn you aside from My glorious path. For I love you and care compassionately for you. Instead, go into all the world. Go to the unusual places. Places where there are people that will not want to kill Me, but who will embrace Me. Places where they will not chase Me from their midst, but who will listen to My every Word. Places where they will not cast Me out of the vineyard, but who will build vineyards in My honor.

Go where the brokenhearted cry out for freedom. Go where the lame cannot walk and where the blind cannot see. Go to the forsaken and hidden people that I have prepared for such an hour. Go and know that I am with you. Go and show My mighty power to save. Seek My Face. Call upon My Name. Be and become an accurate expression of Me; in a vineyard of My choosing.



Following Hard After God!

A. W. Tozer

How tragic that we in this dark day have had our seeking done for us by our teachers. Everything is made to center upon the initial act of "accepting" Christ (a term, incidentally, which is not found in the Bible) and we are not expected thereafter to crave any further revelation of God to our souls. We have been snared in the coils of a spurious logic which insists that if we have found Him, we need no more seek Him. In the midst of this great chill there are some, I rejoice to acknowledge, who will not be content with shallow logic. They will admit the force of the argument, and then turn away with tears to hunt some lonely place and pray. "Oh God, show me Thy glory." They want to taste, to touch with their hearts, to see with their inner eyes the wonder that is God.

I want deliberately to encourage this mighty longing after God. The lack of it has brought us to our present low estate. The stiff and wooden quality about our religious lives is a result of our lack of holy desire. Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth. Acute desire must be present or there will be no manifestation of Christ to His people. He waits to be wanted. Too bad that with many of us He waits so long, so very long in vain. Every age has its own characteristics. Right now we are in an age of religious complexity. The simplicity which is in Christ is rarely found among us. In its stead are programs, methods, organizations and a world of nervous activities which occupy time and attention but can never satisfy the longing of the heart. The shallowness of our inner experience, the hollowness of our worship, and that servile imitation of the world which marks our promotional methods all testify that we, in this day, know God only imperfectly, and the peace of God scarcely at all.

If we would find God amid all the religious externals, we must first determine to find Him and then proceed in the way of simplicity. Now, as always, God reveals Himself to "babes" and hides Himself in thick darkness from the wise and the prudent. We must simplify our approach to Him. We must strip down to essentials (and they will be found to be blessedly few). We must put away all effort to impress, and come with the guileless candor of childhood. If we do this, without doubt, God will quickly respond. We need not fear that in seeking God only we narrow our lives or restrict the motions of our expanding hearts. The opposite is true. We can well afford to make God our All, to concentrate, to sacrifice the many for the One. The man who has God for his treasure has all things in One. Many ordinary treasures may be denied him, or if he is allowed to have them, the enjoyment of them will be so tempered that they will never be necessary to his happiness. Or if he must see them go, one after one, he will scarcely feel a sense of loss, for having the source of all things he has in One all satisfaction, all pleasure, all delight. Whatever he may lose he has actually lost nothing, for he now has it all in One, and he has it purely, legitimately and forever.

by A. W. Tozer "The Pursuit of God"

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