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June 27, 2002

Warring For Your Cities And Reaching Out To Them!

Chris Fletcher

God is beginning to shift the minds of His people into what the early Church experienced. He's positioning us to step into the greatest move of God we've yet to experience, and He's not only taking those who are qualified. He's taking anyone of His believers who will say "Here am I Lord, SEND ME! (Isaiah 6:8)

The Lord began to show me a vision of those who were recently oppressed by spirits of religion, tradition, and many others. They began to rise up from among their pews. At this point the Lord would begin to place swords in the hands of those people. Then the voice of the Lord said "Go to war."

The people then proceeded out of their pews, out the doors of the churches, and right down the streets of their cities. They began to march with such a power and such an authority. Then one by one they began to witness to those on the streets and go door to door. They began to go into places of the enemy and take back that which is the Lord's. They began to reach out to the homeless, the prostitutes, and the drug dealers like never before. Many of the people were saved, delivered, healed, and filled with the Holy Ghost within minutes.

The Lord was showing me the army that He had created. The Lord is now forming His troops and sending them out with great power and authority. Then the Lord began to ask the people, "Who can I send?" (Isaiah 6:8)...........Will you answer that call?

For The Lord Would Say,

"The enemy is attacking those who are called and chosen, but know that you must push through all of that and go into the enemy's camp to take back those whom the enemy has taken a hold of. You are authorized and commissioned to do so.

"Church, you've been commissioned to take My gospel to the ends of the earth. Fear not, for My angels are encamped all around you, and by My Spirit I will guide you. You must trust Me. As I lead you, go together into the places of the enemy where others will not go and reach out to those whom I lead you to. For in this season I am releasing My apostolic authority for those who desire to use it for My glory.

"Begin to decree and declare a breaking within your cities, and then watch as I begin to release My angelic hosts. Prophesy to those ministries and those people which have become dormant. For this is the time in which I am raising them up. I am breaking off spirits of religion and tradition off of cities at an accelerated rate during this season. If you'll intercede I will bring down those demonic altars within your cities. I will cause My people to establish more of My altars. As My people continue to intercede and war in the heavenlies against those demonic strongholds, you will see them come down! I will loose My warring angels to the cities that are being interceded for. Continue to intercede on behalf of the un-saved within your cities. I will release My ministering angels to them and they will usher them into the moving of My Spirit."

A New Place in Time

David Apel

For we are coming to a new place in time and the things that I did before I will do again and some things will not remain the same for I will take you to a new place in me.

IF -- If you will allow me. If you will lay down yourself and pick up me. If you will take up my armour and fight.

For I will move you ahead in a greater speed for these are truly the days of old and these are the days of new. For what is old will again become new. For you will see things as never before. I will place you in situations that you do not desire to be in, but I will be there with you.

For there are those that have called out to me and have asked me to go to the Nations and I have heard you and you shall go and I shall go with you and ahead of you and prepare the way. And there are those of you that have cried out to me, "Take me to the mountain top and let me see all that is before and all that is behind." And I shall take you there and it shall happen in a blink of an eye. And it shall not be as of old as when you had to labor and climb and labor and climb and labor and climb. For I shall lift you up in a moment and you shall be there and you shall see all that lies before and behind. And there are those that have cried out to me to see the blind eyes opened and the lame walk and the deaf hear. And so shall it be.

For these are truly the days when I pour out my spirit and I shall call my apostles forth and they shall stand in new ground as never before and you shall do mighty signs and wonders and even beyond what you can imagine. Do you see it? I said do you see it? Then, you can have it. There are those that are saying what I have said, for I have great plans for you. Come forth now from the wilderness and come forth with an expectancy of all that I can do. Not what you think I can do, but ALL THAT I CAN DO! For you haven't yet even imagined all that I shall do by your hands and through your words.

God Has Answered, But Do I Agree With It?

Undrai Fizer

This present "breath" of the Lord is opening up new dimensions to the believer. These are tangible dimensions of the Father's Glory and His Purposes. This is not an impossible place or realms of false encouragement. This is a present reality that will require real faith, real substance, and real "skin."

God "is" doing something. God "has" opened doors. God "has" spoken and has "forwarded" His Word to whomever will receive it. It will, however, take faith to accomplish it. God "has" already provided answers for every circumstance. But the problem to some is just that,..the answer seems to far from our agreement. He provides "hard" answers for hard circumstances. (This has also caused individuals to "compromise" and "break into small pieces" the Words that God says or the answers He gives.)

"Doing" the answer is the hard thing. What the Lord requires may "cut" us away from something we "desire" to have or tolerate. His answer may require a new environment that we are not ready for. And because He will "not" change the answer, we grow frustrated. Frustrated because we may not "agree" with the answer and the end result.

NOTE: Your natural affairs will be affected by hard, Spirit inspired answers and counseling. Some of us didn't realize that the Spirit could cause a "trouble" within our longtime routines. His answers will effect how people look at you and receive you. God is seeking to be in your affairs and decision making. He is "merging" Himself within the parameters of personal lives, thus, stretching you, breaking you, and even dismantling some "old" connections as well.

You see, this present flow of the Lord will expose the reasons of personal stagnation. It will reveal "what's really going on." The Lord will not sweep anything under the rug. He has forgotten our "old sins," but He will not "forget" the answers He has already provided. You would be surprised to know that one of the reasons this Spirit-controlled flow has not swept the nations faster is because there are some who are waiting for God to "change" an answer to something agreeable. His answers will require us to do something we "may" not be totally sure of. (It's hard to have faith in God's "end results" when we may not have faith in the "answers" He is providing).

God has a way of "troubling" people. Where we try to keep peace, He may disrupt the peace. Inwardly, we desire God to "change the circumstance," and yet, keep things "peaceful" for us. We feel that we have suffered enough. But, He won't and we know it already. That's why some of us are frustrated. He will not do what we ask (in this situation).

As this "door" opens to the nations, it will also open up full access to our inner soul. God will not retract His callings upon your life, but He will not release you to impart fear either. This "troubling" is the tussle between the soul and the Spirit. God's answer sometimes are hurtful and disturbing. But it will bring peace as it settles inward. The Spirit's Counsel sometimes may feel like a "slap in the face," a sudden awakening to the fullness of truth. He will not hide "behind sweet words," and false pictures of spiritual things. He will tell you the truth, the kind of truth that will cause you to shake your head.

God is releasing Himself to various regions as we speak. There "is" a move of the Spirit positioning God's people. He will not stop it or slow it down. But one of the first things He will do is require you to make hard, spiritual decisions.

Decisions that will effect your natural life and relationships.

Decisions that will effect "you."

Undrai and Bridget Fizer, e-publishers

I Will Indeed Bring Judgment

Marsha Burns

I speak to those who have been waiting for judgment to begin at the house of God. You have cried out to Me to strike the worthless shepherd and to destroy the false prophet, and I will indeed bring judgment to these, for I am against the useless shepherds and lying prophets, and I will require My flock at their hand. But, I tell you truthfully that the house of God does not only consist of shepherds and prophets. What about the sheep? As for you, O My flock, thus says the Lord GOD: "Behold, I shall judge between sheep and sheep, between rams and goats. Is it too little for you to have eaten up the good pasture, that you must tread down with your feet the residue of your pasture; and to have drunk of the clear waters, that you must foul the residue with your feet? And as for My flock, they eat what you have trampled with your feet, and they drink what you have fouled with your feet. Therefore thus says the Lord GOD to them: Behold, I Myself will judge between the fat and the lean sheep. Because you have pushed with side and shoulder, butted all the weak ones with your horns, and scattered them abroad, therefore I will save My flock, and they shall no longer be a prey; and I will judge between sheep and sheep." (Ezekiel 34:17-22)

I say to you that judgment has already begun at the house of the Lord, for I have come as the Spirit of Judgment and the Spirit of Burning. I will confront with the power of My conviction every place where you have deviated from absolute truth and considered your own will and desires apart from My Word. I will not only judge compromise in your own hearts, but I will judge the compromise that has caused others to fall short of the fullness of My presence. Acts 3:19 "Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord."

Faith Tabernacle
Kremmling, CO 80459

A Vision of God's Holiness

Sammy Tippit

Matthew Henry, the great Bible commentator, once said; "The way to preserve the peace of the church is to preserve its purity." The times in which we are living are turbulent. Many Christians seem to be fighting one another rather than engaging themselves in the battle for the souls and hearts of people. That's disappointing because God has given us everything that we need to win this raging battle. All of the resources of the Eternal, Almighty God have been made available to us. But we must be a people of vision if we're to capture our generation for Christ. So I ask you again this week, “What's your vision?”

God placed a call upon the life of Isaiah, but He first gave Him a vision of Himself. In that vision the angels cried out, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty. The whole earth is full of His Glory.” It’s interesting to note that the angels shouted three times that God is holy. The Father is holy. The Son is holy, and the Spirit is holy. Everything about God is holy. Before God could use Isaiah, the prophet needed to see the absolute purity of God. Only when Isaiah saw God’s holiness would he become the man that God longed for him to be. It would result in Isaiah being a humble and broken man.

Once Isaiah saw God’s holiness, he cried out for grace and mercy. Similarly, I am convinced that the need of the church at the beginning of the twenty-first century is that of purity. Many of us have learned the methods of God, but have never come to an intimate knowledge of the God of the methods. When we come to know Him intimately, we too will walk in humility and experience revival in our hearts.

Roy Hession, who experienced revival in Eastern Africa, returned to Britain to discover that Christians had a false idea of the nature of revival. He said that many people thought revival was the top blowing off. They thought it was some super spiritual high. But he said that he believed revival was the bottom falling out. It was coming to the end of our selves.

When the bottom falls out in our lives, there's only one way to look - and that's up. That's precisely what the church needs today - a fresh view of God and His Holiness. When we begin to see Him in His absolute purity we will find ourselves broken before Him. We will cry out for grace and mercy. God will begin to cleanse us. We will find our lives changing. We’ll become more like Christ. We will begin a great journey, one that leads us down the highway of holiness. Someone once said, "The object of the church is not to make people happy but to make people holy."

Holiness of life is an outgrowth of having seen God. So, I ask you one more time, “What's your vision?”

Love The One Who Sent You

Laurie Stone

I tell you the truth, My people are walking into the fold that I have ordained them for. Do not hesitate, My people, to open your heart and ask Me to pour into you with My ways. I have control of all things and do not allow one thing that will not increase your love to come closer to Me. Hesitate not, for the things that I have for you are on its way. I must clean out more of the things of this world from your ways so you can more freely, like a lamb jumping in a field, follow and enjoy My walk for you.

Love not that which you see around you for I have ordained you for bigger things. You are where you are because I allow you to be there. It is not a time of torment for you, No! I must use all things to bring you higher in Me. Love not the ways of the world.

I tell you the truth, I am going to allow manifestations in the spiritual realm to allow the natural realm to unfold My glory. Do not see this as a negative because as the negative will unfold, My glory will unfold as well.

You are My chosen people and no one will fall around you unless I am there to see to it's demise and its return. Love not the work of the enemy, yet see Me in all things. I have an abundant harvest that is all ready to have distributed to the faithful ones whom have shown mercy to others.

I am with you an will never leave you. Ask Me to open your eyes to see Me in the times that it is impossible to see a work of God in progress. Love Me in a deeper way my beloved's, love Me in a more passionate loving way. Ask Me to lead you to the revelation of true intimacy with the creator of your heart.

Do not fear this message for I come bringing a word to edify and build you up in Me. Look to Me for all understanding and it will come. Go to others for your understanding and you allow a place for the one that does not want you to succeed in Me.

Love the way I am and call out for more of Me and I will give it, but you must give Me place.

My Truth Will Set You Free

Yolanda Ballard

Examine your hearts, My faithful servants. Examine your hearts to see if what you are believing is truly of Me. For many have picked up a form of doctrine that I did not give to you. And many have given into religious spirits without even knowing it. You go around judging others when you yourself have fallen from the truth in many ways.

I want you to be pliable to My working in you. Be open to My truth not to a form of doctrine that you have picked up through men. As you search your hearts, you will see areas that have held you back in serving Me to the fullest extent that I have called you to. As you search your hearts, you will see areas where you have been hindered from receiving a blessing from Me. Yes, I am calling you to watch and pray and to search your hearts.

Do not be afraid of being open to My truth. Do not be afraid to see areas where you may be believing a lie for I promised you that the elect will not be deceived, because I am leading you and guiding you into all truth. Yes, the truth will set you free, and as you search your hearts and be open to Me and My word, you will grow.

From glory to glory I wil take you if you humble yourself at My feet and before My throne. Remember, I will exalt the humble and bring down those with a prideful heart. This is the day of salvation. This is the day I will set you free and to bring you to higher levels of My glory.

Reach out and touch Me and cry out for more of My grace. Be yielded and open and I will give you fresh manna. Yes, I will feed you like calves in the stall. Hunger and thirst after righteousness, and I will fill you. Reach out to Me and I wil heal your heart. Yes, My truth will set you free if you are open to it, says your God.

Reach out and I will fill you with revelation of My purpose and plan for your life. Reach out to Me and I will resist the enemy on your behalf. If you put Me first, I will supply all your needs. Be determined to do things My way even if you don't understand them. For My ways are much higher than man's. Don't lean on your own understanding.

Be determined to receive fresh revelation of My will. Let go of the past and trust Me to lead you into all truth. Do not be afraid of being deceived. Let go and let Me have My way in leading you in the way you are to go. Walk by faith and not by what you feel to be My truth.

I am telling you this day to let go of the past, and I will cleanse you of all false doctrine. I will set you free to walk in My grace and not by the Law. Reach out and I will touch you and put your feet on higher ground. Step out this day and let Me lead you afresh in My grace and truth, says your God.

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